How To Win At The Sports Of Business by Mark Cuban


  • “In every job … you’re getting paid to learn and every experience would be of value…”
  • Find complementary partners.
  • “Everything I read was public. Anyone could buy the same books and magazines. The same information was available to anyone who wanted it. Turns out most people didn’t want it.”
  • “Always ask yourself how someone could preempt your product or service”
  • “Always run your business like you’re going to be competing with the best… you wil have to compete with one of them at some point.”
  • “The edge is getting so jazzed about what you do, you just spend 24 hrs straight working on a project and you thought only a couple hours had passed.”
  • “The edge is knowing that you have to be the smartest guy in the room…you’re going to put in the effort to learn whatever you need to learn to get there.”
  • “The edge is knowing that people think you’re crazy and they’re right but you don’t care. “
  • “The edge is knowing that you’re getting to your goals and treating people right along the way…”
  • “The edge is being able to confidently call out someone on a business issue because you have done your homework”
  • “The edge is…you are preparing yourself to compete so that you will be successful.”
  • “It’d have been easy to judge effort by how many hours a day passed while I was at work. That’s the worst way to measure effort. Effort is measured by setting goals and getting results. The one requirement for success in our business lives is effort. Either you make the commitment to get results or you don’t.”
  • “Going to college should be about experiencing as much academically as you possibly can, but more importantly, it should be about learning how to learn and recognize that learning is a lifelong endeavor.School isn’t the end of the learning process, it’s purely a training ground and beginning.”
  • “One single time and you are set for life. That’s the beauty of the business world.”
  • “I had more than a healthy dose of fear, an unlimited amount of hope and, more importantly, no limit on time and effort.”
  • “… No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and from those around you because… All that matters  in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.”
  • “Everyone has got the will to win; it’s only those with the will to prepare that do win”
  • “Win the battles you’re in first.Get the fundamentals right and add to your base skills first. Know your core competencies and focus on being the absolute best at it. Until you get your core business at its best, don’t bother chasing new opportunities.”
  • Don’t lie to yourself when it comes to your competencies. It’s better to just partner up with someone who have the skills that you don’t, rather than promising to turn on the switch one day and turning into the person you wish to be.
  • “Businesses don’t have to start big. The best ones start small enough to suit the circumstances of their founders.It’s okay to grow slow.The reality is most business don’t need more cash, they need more brains.”
  • “You have to re-earn you customers’ business everyday.”
  • “Make sure your product is the easiest to experience and to sell.Everyone follows the path of least resistance.”
  • “The best salespeople are the ones who put themselves in their customer’s shoes and provide a solution that makes the customer happy.”
  • “Keep you customers happy. But don’t rely on them to create the future road map for your product or service. “
  • “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
  • “Never ever ever hire a PR firm.” Just contact the publisher of the materials related to your field.You’re a source for them and if you’re smart, they will keep you.
  • If you get no for an answer, ask for their objections and try to counter them.If they don’t respond, move on. Spend you time with people who MIGHT buy your product than people who DEFINITELY won’t buy your product.
  • “The cheaper you can live, the greater your options.”
  • “If you’re wiling to continue to live like a student in order to continue your job, you have found your calling”
  • “Desperation impacts your brand as a salesperson and the brand of the product.”
  • “A smart and focused salesman will gear up and do the necessary homework to find their next customer. That’s a sign of confidence.”
  • “How wisely you use your time will have far more impact on your life and success than any amount of money.”
  • “Once you are prepared and you think you have every angle of preparation covered, you have to go for it.”
  • “Everyone gets down, the key is how soon you get back up”
  • “It’s not whether the glass is half empty or half full, it’s who is pouring the water”
  • “It’s not in the dreaming, it’s in the doing.”
  • “Value is measure in the total upside of a business relationship, not by how much you squeezed out in any one deal.”

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