Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran


“Finding opportunity is a matter of believing it’s there.”

The only chance I had of having a good well-run office rested on having a place and a system for everything.”

“First, I made a list of everything that hadn’t worked at the old office, a long list of time wasters, and figured out how to eliminate them. I thought through my salespeople’s office needs, numbered the most important ones, and crossed out the ones that could wait.”

1. Monday morning meeting

2.New system for our listing information.

3. Cash incentives for better information

4. New commission form to complete

5. Multiple copies of floor plans for everyone

6. Good ideas/complaint with solutions $5 incentives.

“Only one desk available ad”

“Position has been taken, but let’s meet up?”

“Place interviews close to each other to create a sense of competition”

“Offer partnership in terms of stock when you need someone to help you run part of your to-do list”

“Play by your own rules.”

“There’s always room for more, rearrange things!”

“Fire the person that’s killing the culture.”

“Find ways to meet your customers expectation by looking at your work from another angle”

“Move on from your failures and make sure you take the steps to prevent it from happening again.”

“If you want to get noticed, write your name on the wall.”

“Publicly promote your act of solving common problems for other people.”

“If something is dreadful to do, but necessary, get someone else to do it and provide incentives for the job”

“Take on another job to support your company, if needed.”

“Teams can accomplish anything, but to create an exceptional  team, the team members must totally believe that not one of us is as smart as all of us.”

“I find that every big successes happens after I think I’ve exhausted 100 percent of my options. For me, success happened only after I ngave another 10 percent.”

“Everybody wants what everybody wants.”

“Create a situation that makes something appears to be limited, intriguing, simple to purchase, simple to return”

“You learn that either you’re the toughest, meanest piece of shit in the world or you crawl into a corner, put your finger in your mouth and say ‘I want to go home'”

“Bully the bully with a bigger bully”

“All my life, you never told me I couldn’t. You only told me I could.”

“I had always felt more at home with cabdrivers and doormen than with fancy people, but quickly learnt that when you have a ton of money it’s the fancy people who want to know you. Even my closest friends treated me differently. They had grown comfortable through the years with my notoriety, but having a friend with so much money seemed like an uncomfortable fit. Maybe it was just me, but rather than taking kindness as genuine, I found myself second-guessing motives. I felt guarded, fearing that people liked me only for my money. “

Shark Tank Tips

  1. “Trust your guts”
  2. “You can’t fake passion.”
  3. “Dress the part.”
  4. “Do you homework”
  5. “Fancy talk don’t work. Overstaters always underperform.”
  6. “Pushy people deliver.”
  7. “Have a gimmick”
  8. “Everybody wants what everybody wants : create the illusion that there is demand, if there isn’t.”
  9. “Step apart from the crowd : People who get quoted know how to talk short. Publicity is the easiest and cheapest way to have your business step apart from the crowd.”
  10. “Expand before you’re ready : business that always win the race are the ones that jump fast and run for the finish line. Taking more space than you actually need is the business equivalent of putting a gun to your own head. It always forced me to move faster, think quicker, and find a way to pay the rent.”
  11. “Be willing to flop: Being afraid to fail stops you from trying things in the first place. If you want to build a successful business, you don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it going.”
  12. “Shoot the dogs early: It’s bad enough being fired, but it’s even more painful sitting there wondering why you’re there in the first place.”
  13. “Fun is good business: If a company plans good time together, it can result in extraordinary business.”
  14. “Pick good people: I’ll often bet on the right person in the wrong business.”

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